Green River Ministries (GRM) is the only long-term, semi-private, non-discriminatory Homeless Shelter of its kind in Central Kentucky.

The agency offers 30-day shelter placement in conjunction with housing and employment counseling, budgeting, and resume building. Our goal is to rapidly rehouse all clients, as well as provide skill training to prevent future homelessness, all while being completely free of charge.


Green River Ministries maintains three 30-day rooms. Once applicants are accepted, they are offered their own room (singles may have one roommate of the same biological gender) and bathroom, along with access to a living room, stocked kitchenette and free laundry facilities. This is all within one building. Each private room is furnished to accommodate the needs of residents. This includes fresh bedding, spare bedding, and complimentary hygiene products including toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, tooth paste, tooth brushes, and washing detergent.



Also unique to Green River Ministries, a landline telephone is available for use in the Shelter in addition to a permanent mailing address. Similarly, any community member, rather than only Shelter Residents, are offered Goodwill and Mission Store Vouchers, emergency food, emergency hygiene boxes, and “Open Access” to Staffed Social Workers without appointment and free of charge through Green River Ministries.



The Mission of Green River Ministries is to provide safe shelter, food, support services, and alternative avenues for self-sufficiency to homeless adults and their families in and around the Campbellsville area. We strive to do this through competence and creativity while treating all with dignity and respect.